Are you familiar with the term "senioritis"? In its most common form, senioritis takes place in high school seniors who have already been accepted to and enrolled in a college. This feeling of a secure academic future can lull seniors into a false sense of "I've got it made now!" Consequently, they tend to back off academically and cruise on their laurels. The disturbing and inevitable result is a less-than-stellar finish to the senior year. Thus, when their year-end reports go in to the colleges where they have enrolled, this academic slide is duly noted and in the worst cases results in the rescinding of that college's acceptance. Obviously, this is not what you rising seniors want to happen to you.

The College Confidential discussion forum has numerous threads along the lines of "Will my acceptance be revoked?" I'm always surprised every late spring and summer when I see these threads because it's fairly common knowledge that colleges don't like to see students they have accepted and enrolled suddenly getting Cs and maybe Ds when before they were solid B+ and A students. I'm pretty sure that all of you -- well, maybe nearly all of you -- reading this know better than to slack off, grade-wise. However, what about putting off (shall we also say "slacking off"?) your college admissions planning?

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