Question: My son was accepted into Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Florida Honors program. He is interested in a career in physics and would go on to pursue a graduate degree. Which is the better school/program? The other issue is cost. Carnegie Mellon would cost about $50,000 a year where the University of Florida would be free ( we are Florida residents). He is quite bright and shy and the University of Florida is large and Carnegie Mellon is smaller and better fits his personality type. What would be the best school? Especially if he wants to pursue graduate studies and he would also love to study abroad.

Every year around this time, "The Dean" gets a gazillion queries from students and parents that are similar to yours. Many folks are faced with tough decisions and a looming May 1 deadline. But I am not in a position to offer such important advice from afar, just as I would not attempt to suggest a spouse to a stranger. (In fact, I've failed at playing Cupid countless times, even which I know the prospective partners well!)

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