I've touched on this topic before, but the situation continues to get worse. Now, even the major mainstream media are becoming involved. Here's Lawrence T. Lesick, vice president for enrollment management at Ohio Northern University, quoted in no less a source than the May 14, 2012 New York Times: "We know the model is not sustainable. Schools are going to have to show the value proposition. Those that don't aren't going to be around." What he's talking about is the ceaseless escalation of college costs -- tuition, room, board, associated student fees, and (by implication) the increasing portion of "financial aid" that comprises student loans.

If you are a rising high school junior or the parent of a high schooler heading for a traditional four-year (if you're lucky enough to be able to graduate in four years) college education, then this is crucial information for you. There's an important article that addresses this issue. It's entitled ominously: These Are The Colleges That Will Be Screwed When The Student Loan Bubble Pops and is written by Larry Doyle. I bring it to your attention in order to, as they kept telling Cool Hand Luke, "get your mind right."

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