Question: My son graduated from college and will be working for two years at a law firm in Washington D.C. before applying to law school. He has had permanent residency in California since he was 3 years old. He graduated from a California high school but attended a private university on the East Coast. He has a California driver's license, votes in local elections, and has served jury duty recently during his spring break. Does he lose his California residency working in D.C.? One of his top law school choices is U.C. Berkeley. Will he have to pay double income tax to maintain his residency in California?

This is a great question, even though it required me to wade knee-deep into the residency-requirement quagmire ... not my favorite place to wander. ;) Your son would face a residency problem at U.C. even if he headed to Cal law straight from his East Coast private university. One or two years of work in D.C. put an even bigger fly into the ointment.

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