I'm a senior in high school applying to college. I was originally planning to apply as a Biology major on the pre-med track, but after getting a 3 on the AP Biology exam this year, I'm not sure if that's the major I should put down if I want to be accepted into a top 20 school. I am thinking about applying as an Economics major now, since my humanities AP scores are all 5s as compared to my 3 in Bio and 4 in Calc BC. However, almost all of my academic extracurricular activities relate to science, since I was very set on studying Biology in college during my last three years of high school. Should I apply as a Bio major to make my application more cohesive but have a low AP score? Or should I apply as an Econ major since my humanities test scores are stronger, and switch to Bio after getting accepted? Or should I just apply for Bio and not report the 3?

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