Switching from Regular Decision to Early Action After Submission

Question: I intended to apply Restricted Early Action but I selected Regular Decision instead. I emailed the university. Should I email Common App as well and ask them to change my application? Or will the university contact Common App to change my application? Is that even possible?

Don’t deal with the Common App folks at all. This snafu is between you and your university. If the REA deadline was November 1, and if you don’t hear back from the university by tomorrow (November 5), you should telephone the admission office and ask what you have to do to get your status switched to REA. This is rarely a big deal, but you maybe asked to send a signed snail-mail letter to validate your request (although your email might suffice).

Meanwhile (and this is the biggie) …

Does your high school counselor know that you are applying Early Action? If your counselor thinks you are an RD candidate, it’s possible that your recommendation, transcript, and other school paperwork won’t be ready for the Early round.  So you need to check with your counselor immediately to ascertain that these materials have either already been sent in time for the EA deadline or can go out promptly.  If your counselor expected you to be applying RD but is now willing to hustle to get your stuff expedited right away, be sure to show your gratitude for this extra effort. In fact, start baking today (although, at this crazy time of year, many counselors will prefer a bottle of brandy rather than a batch of brownies). 😉