Switch to Early Decision After Applying?

Question: My son wasn't positive about applying early decision prior to the November 1 deadline, but has become more committed since. How would a school look upon requesting to change a regular decision application filed early to an early decision II application? Thank you.

The college folks will be thrilled that they've hooked another sure-thing candidate so your son shouldn't hesitate to change his application to ED II, if that's what he wants to do. Note, however, that—depending on where he is applying—he may need ED commitment forms with parent and counselor signatures and it is probably too late to send these electronically. So when your son contacts the college (via phone or email) to ask to switch his decision plan, he should also ask which forms he needs to submit and how to send them. Once he's sent everything in, if he gets no acknowledgement from the college that the forms were received, he should wait a week or so and then email his regional rep to confirm that the commitment forms did indeed arrive and that his decision plan has been amended.