Suspension and Discipline Comments by Sally Rubenstone

Suspensions and Discipline:
Comments from Sally Rubenstone

by Sally Rubenstone, Senior College Counselor and Contributing Editor,, and former Admission Counselor, Smith College (here, writing in College Confidential's Ask the Dean column)

Question: I am a high school sophomore who recently got in a trouble. I violated my school's academic integrity policy and got a one-day suspension. I regret it a lot, and I won't behave like this again, but my parents are very concerned about my future. My counselor says that I have been a hard-working student, so the suspension will be deleted from my school record, if I don't get in any trouble by the end of the year. But college applications ask about suspensions. If I say yes, can I still go to a college if I make decent grades and don't cause any trouble during the rest of my high school years?

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