Support for Older Student

Question: My four sons are all attending college. I have decided to finish my undergrad education after 30 years. Presently I am a junior at the local branch of my state university and plan to transfer to the flagship campus in 2007. I have been nominated for the Truman Scholarship. I am aware that, as an older student with four kids in college, I might be setting myself up for failure. Financially it is difficult to justify my educational goals. I have roughly 40 hours to go before I graduate. How do I pull all of this together?

I'm not sure if you're looking for specific suggestions on how to proceed with your education or just for moral support. If it's the latter, you've definitely come to the right place. We at College Confidential feel that, as difficult as the road may sometimes seem, pursuing a college dream at ANY age is worthwhile. Even though it may seem a bit nuts to you right now--with four children still in college themselves--chances are, there will ALWAYS be SOMETHING going on in your life that may make you feel as if the timing isn't quite right.

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