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SuperMatch: The Evolution Revolution Continues

I've written about SuperMatch before here on Admit This! The evolution of this highly sophisticated college-search tool has been interesting to watch. What started as a superior way to thread one's way through the college selection process has become increasingly refined, thanks to the suggestions and needs of those who use it.

You can follow the comments of users, including their suggestions, on the College Confidential discussion forum. A good roundup of what people are saying can be found here.

So what's new with SuperMatch this time around? Some very useful features. Read on.

Roger Dooley, College Confidential's, SuperMatch supervisor, if you will, gives us the heads-up:

Newest Version of CC's SuperMatch™ College Search Now Live

We are in "continuous improvement" mode on our SuperMatch™ College Search Tool, and our latest version is now live! Take it for a spin!

As I previously posted, we are in "continuous improvement" mode on SuperMatch™, and are now debuting our latest version here:

College Search

This release incorporates a number of suggestions from CC members, including the ability to "pin" a school of particular interest. We have also enhanced the "ethnicity" and "organizations" areas.

We're continuing to add features and improve existing ones - all of your feedback is much appreciated. We think we've got the best college search tool on the web, and we know that if we keep listening to you it will only get better! Thanks for the help, hope you enjoy it!


Some sample user comments:

- I love how personalized this search is. (: It has the basic stuff like location but also the fun stuff I actually care about!

- Wow this is pretty legit...the school I want to go to is Dartmouth and Dartmouth came up as number 2 on the CC supermatch

- This is really good. I plan to attend Smith this fall and it came up as my number one!

- This is tight. I purposely tried to be vague, and several top choices still came up on the list. Good job.

- I really liked this, since USC is my #1 choice and it showed up first on the supermatch.

- Wow, Wash U is my first choice and it showed up in the supermatch. Others that I looked at and showed up really high were Rice, Northwestern, Cornell, U Chicago, U Penn, Boston College, and Colgate.

These are just a sampling of what users thought about SuperMatch. Naturally, some had an issue or two. Others made suggestions for improvement, thus the continuing evolution revolution.

Roger and his team want to hear your feedback. So, check it out and then post your comments on this thread. Join the SuperMatch revolution!


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