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SuperMatch Becomes Superer

If you have been following my past posts about College Confidential's SuperMatch, you probably realize what a great college search and matching tool it is. Well, now it's even better, having been updated with categories for sports and more.

SuperMatch developers have been listening to the feedback that users have been providing and have just released an updated version. If you haven't already tried SuperMatch, I urge you to check it out today. Your college search experience will never be as good as what you'll find on this highly user-friendly tool.

Here's what's new with SuperMatch:

The latest version includes a variety of enhancements, notably:

- Athletics by Division: Now you can pick a sport and division to narrow your choices.

- Improved ability to combine majors, degree type, and 2-year vs. 4-year.

- Added categories for special services and disability services.

Re: Missing or Bad School Data.

If you aren't finding the school(s) you expect, one possible reason is that the school's data are absent or out of date. So, if a school you know has a Division III wrestling team but doesn't come up in appropriate searches, they may not have reported those data.

If you find bogus or missing data, please don't report it to College Confidential. The school itself needs to change those data. (However, please feel free to call egregious errors to the attention of your college's admissions contact.) A school administrator can add or fix data by bringing up the school in SuperMatch, clicking on the "School Facts" link, and then the "Is this your page?" link at the top of the school facts page.

More improvements on the way.

A new version of SuperMatch is already in the pipeline, but by all means keep providing your great feedback on how College Confidential doing. Just click the "Feedback" link on the SuperMatch page to register your comments.


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