What to Do with Your Summers

High school students who are targeting getting into highly competitive colleges, such as the Ivy League and other so-called “elite" schools, often wonder about what to do during their summers. There is a strong temptation to fritter away those lazy, hazy, crazy days because school is out. When I think back to my summers while I was in high school, my predominant memories consist of playing tennis, hanging with my friends, dating, and discovering the freedom that a car can provide. Yes, I did have some part-time jobs, but the gravity of having a good time doing what I wanted to do was a powerful, distracting force.

Today's young people have an almost unlimited menu of options before them. The one factor that stands out to me is their ability and desire to travel almost anywhere in search of both adventure and helping others. Service to others is an honorable initiative and sometimes administering that service can take us to far away places.

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