Preparing for College

Summer Looms

Spring is about to begin, but summer looms large, especially for high school students. Summer doesn't officially arrive until the third week of June, but now is the time to start looking ahead. There are many summer opportunities, if you know where to look.

For most of you, summertime is probably work time. If you're going to work, you most likely already have your job lined up. You may even be working one now and will just keep on working through the summer.

Most high schoolers start their summer job search in the early Spring, around March or April. That's when most businesses that depend on summer help start looking for applicants. Don't be discouraged, though. Keep in mind that as you get to summer, desirable jobs become more scarce. They're picked off by early prospectors. This year's economic climate may also provide some unfortunate hurdles.

If you're a sophomore-, junior-, or senior-to-be, and you don't have plans for summer work, you can still have a profitable summer. Though you may not want to hear it, the summer is an excellent time to get ahead for next school year. One example is the SAT. You can do this several ways.

First, you can improve the quality of your reading. Emphasize the word "quality." Summer seems to invite students to turn off their brains and recline into three months of MTV, game shows, video games, and soap opera digest. Don't be one of those. Go to the library and check out some classics or some poetry. Stimulate your brain. Even if you can make it through only one good book this summer, you'll be ahead of the game.

Another method is to get one of those SAT study guides (get a good one, like The Princeton Review's) and slowly work your way through the chapters. Even if you don't want to do the lessons, you can study the vocabulary lists that will help you prepare for the tougher Verbal SAT


Summer 1999: You can earn money, knowledge, or both. Make it count!

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