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Summer Job Success

Last time, I discussed some ideas for the kinds of summer jobs you may care to consider. This time, I'll discuss how to improve your chances to get one of those summer jobs. I reference once again an informative article that explains five ways to improve your odds for landing that job. After all, as I keep saying about the job market, things are tough out there. The better prepared you are, the better your chances are to impress that person who will be making the decision about who will and who won't be getting the job you're after.

Summer jobs aren't like "career" jobs. They serve a definite purpose, though. That purpose is to staff up for (usually) seasonable work related to the warmer months, such as life-guarding, outside yard care, and other warm-days tasks. Frequently, summer jobs run from Memorial Day through Labor Day. If you're college-bound, that spread of months could prove to be a problem if your school (high school or college) doesn't finish before Memorial Day and starts before Labor Day. However, many employers are somewhat flexible about start and end dates, so you may be able to negotiate a reasonable work term.

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