A Summer College Visit Resource

Although fall is probably the best time to visit colleges that are on your list for potential applications, summer is a good time too. Fall offers the advantage of having the student body present, which is one way to get the “vibe" of a college's atmosphere.

Summer, however, has its advantages. First of all, you won't have to be too concerned about finding travel days that match up with those of your parents. Of course, you may be involved in a full-time summer job, a college summer program, or even overseas travel, all of which could pose the same kinds of scheduling problems that the school year does.

In any case, as I often preach here in my blog, you have to trod the sodof any prospective college in order to make a worthy assessment of whether or not it's for you. So, for the sake of argument, let's assume that you will have at least some time this summer to visit a college or two or three (or more). How can you get a real-life, subjective briefing from others who have visited before you go? That's easy … just visit College Confidential's CampusVibe resource.

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