Preparing for College

Summer Arts Programs for Aspiring Business Major?

Question: If I want to major in business, can I take music and art programs in the summer, or do I need to do something related to business to grab colleges' attention?

Colleges are interested in students with a range of interests and abilities, regardless of academic and career goals. Thus, admission committees will not look askance at your art and music summer pursuits. On the other hand, many applicants indicate an interest in business but have little to show on their applications when it comes to demonstrating an understanding of--or passion for--that field.

So, ideally, you should do both. For instance, take those art and music classes but start your own small business on the side. It need not be a Fortune 500 company, but perhaps you could sell homemade baked goods or crafts, tend to pets for vacationers, or come up with an idea that's far more original and creative than mine.

Alternatively, you could take summer courses in arts and business. If you'll be attending an arts-only program, consider an online course in marketing, economics, accounting, etc. that you can take while you're in the arts program, before it starts, or after it ends. That way, you'll REALLY be showing admission committees your multi-faceted talents and interests (and you'll also be helping to determine if business courses are really for you).