Preparing for College

Submitting Extras Once Applications Have Been Sent

Question: I want to send an extracurricular-activities list to colleges, but I mailed out all the required documents already. Should send it separately in an envelope or forget about it? Will it make me seem disorganized if I submit materials separately?

It's fine to send out a separate résumé even though your applications are already complete. Just make certain that you:

1. Carefully label all pages of the résumé with your name and high school name.

2. Don't send your résumé to any colleges (e.g., Stanford) that specifically state in their application instructions that they do not want unsolicited extra submissions.

If, down the road, you have something else you need to submit, too, it's okay to do it separately. Typically, everything you submit is put into your application "folder" by the secretarial staff. Admission committee members won't know if your materials arrived all at once or piecemeal. Of course, do try to be considerate of the folks who are juggling mountains of paper work, and plan ahead when possible.

However, as I already cautioned you, don't send extras to colleges that have rules against them. Also, as you decide what to send--and what not to--keep in mind that there's an old admissions saying, "The thicker the folder, the thicker the kid."