Preparing for College

Submitting ACT Results Before Writing Test is Scored

Question: I took the September ACT and did much better than before, and that is the one I want the schools to see. I got everything but the writing results. I'm applying to some schools that have Rolling Admission and others with Early Action. I don't want to hold off on my entire application waiting for the ACT writing results that ACT says may take 3-5 weeks. Should I send in my application now with a self-report of my ACT score and explain how everything is there except my writing results...and I'll send them as soon as they are available?

Yep. That's fine. However, if a college requires the Writing test, your verdict may be postponed until that score arrives. Alternatively, if you did decently on the Writing section of your previous ACT, you can self-report that score, noting that it comes from a previous testing. If the rest of your application is strong, the college may not have to wait for your new ACT results ... or they may contact your counselor to confirm the Writing test self-report.