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Study: Mental Illness Up in College Students

The topic of mental well-being among college students is a timely topic, especially now, in light of the recent Arizona rampage shooting. The shooter was a recently expelled community college student whose scary behavior in class and on the Web was the stuff of TV dramas and true-crime programs. Bill Curtis' American Justice comes to mind.

College these days isn't what it was when I was enrolled, or even what it was when most of today's college students parents were enrolled. What has changed? One thing, which is a favorite topic of mine, is the realm of instantaneous global communication. Youth now have the capability to reach out and touch one another at any moment from anywhere on earth. Of course, this plays right into the hands of my all-time favorite theses for a paper I wrote for a college humanities course: Regardless of how great, noble, or needed humanity's innovations are, men and women will eventually find a way to pervert them into something negative and destructive. Ergo, the cumulative effect of modern day technology and its pressure on our young people.

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