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Study Apps Can Help

How did we ever get by without our iPhones and all those apps? I was watching the movie Apollo 13 the other night and marveled at what we were able to accomplish with 1960s technology. What filled a warehouse with massively hot computers and their associated cooling equipment back then couldn't compete with that iPhone on your hip. Going back even before that, it's a wonder that the Manhattan Project ever produced The Bomb, in light of the fact that most of the calculations were made on blackboards and slide rules. How did we ever make any progress without an iPhone?

Which brings us to college (and, of course, high school). It seems as though every other day we read about a bevy of new applications for our iPhones. "Apps" they're called. It also seems that whenever we wishfully ponder aloud about needing to do any kind of complicated task ("I need to overhaul my car's transmission!"), someone will blurt out. "Hey, there's an app for that!" Really? Okay, that kind of information sets my imagination in motion. Maybe we don't need education anymore. Maybe there is (or will be) an app for becoming learned. We can just buy the latest iPhone (soon to be made obsolete by the next generation to debut), sign a contract for the premium data-usage plan, hit a few icons on the touch scree, sit back, and become educated. Kind of like The Paper Chase and Jetsons all rolled into one.

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