Preparing for College

Students vs. College Professors

Getting excited about going to college and actually being there studying are two different worlds. It’s the old battle between anticipation and the moment of truth. Anticipation can be deceptive because sometimes we tend to idealize situations about which we have little to no experience. For example, we might envision college life to include sitting in classrooms or lecture halls presided over by professors of towering stature, who are spellbinding in their presentations. We may also fantasize about long sessions with them during office hours, where they are fascinated by all our questions and needs.

In many cases, perhaps 90-95% of the time, these anticipatory visions are just that: pipe dreams that we imagine in order to soothe any anxieties we may have about this strange and exciting new world into which we’re about to wade: college.

Enter Rate My Professors. I’ve touched on this “consumer”-based site before. It’s a highly subjective source of college students’ opinions about the men and women who teach them. Of course, the caveat here is that some (it’s hard to tell how many) students have an ax to grind. Maybe a certain professor gave them a bad grade, which the student felt was unfair. Others comment upon personal aspects such as appearance, mannerisms, language issues, demeanor, etc.

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