Paying for College

Student Loans: Paying The Piper

Borrowing money from various sources is part of the college process for most college students today. I've discussed this topic before here in my blog, noting that the level of student loan debt, both individually and collectively in America, is staggering. I've cited a few college graduates who have amassed a six-figure debt.

To me, coming out of college owing $100,000 (or more) for college loans (let alone other necessities such as a car, home, etc.) boggles my mind. The current federal administration has been making vague teases about forgiving student loan debt, but I wouldn't be placing any bets on that. If you do, you'll just owe more money when your prognostication goes south.

So, what's a young person to do when faced with this level of indebtedness? The answer is simple: Pay up!

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