Stopping Spanish After 9th Grade?

Question: I took Spanish 1 in 7th grade, Spanish 2 in 8th grade, and Spanish 3 in 9th grade. Would it be recommended to take spanish 4 and/or AP? Also, if I just do three years and not move onto Spanish 4 and/or AP spanish, would it count as the “2 years in highschool" I need not to take it in college.

The more selective colleges will penalize you for not taking Spanish in high school through at least Spanish 4, and ideally AP. The most competitive colleges like to see four years of the SAME foreign language. And some colleges, even less selective ones, will count your two middle school years as just one. So if you take only Spanish 3 in 9th grade and don't continue, you will have fulfilled a two-year language requirement … but just barely.

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