The States of Student Loan Debt


I tried to make a pun with my title today. One way to look at it might be that there are multiple states of student loan debt. For example, one state might be near-lifelong payments. Another might be the state of a bad credit rating because you've missed some payments or maybe defaulted entirely. Those of you with a lot of loan debt have no doubt experienced additional states, but we'll discuss those another day.

In this edition of Admit This!, though, the “states" that we'll be discussing are those of the United States. We're going to take a look at those states with the highest median loan debt for college graduates. I have preached seemingly endlessly (as my readers can attest) about the perils of high loan debt. However, even if you've had your fill of my soap box, you might at least want to take a quick look at this study and its associated rankings, just for curiosity's sake, to see where your state comes in.

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