Stanford Medical Despite an F and a W?

Since I've started college my grades aren't that bad. I've passed almost all my classes with As and one B. However, during my freshman fall semester of college my grandfather unfortunately passed away and with my culture/religion I actually had a role to play in the funeral. Anyways, my professor FAILED me for that course with an F. Despite all my great test and homework scores she actually failed me. When I talked to the administration about it they said they couldn't do anything because my grade all depended on my professor. The class was college algebra.

The next semester I was taking health online and my professor made it insanely impossible to pass the class. She would take off an absurd amount of points if you got one question wrong. It was the same thing with the essays and the only time I could actually get a fair score on something was on a quiz. I decided to drop the class but it will show as a "withdrawal" on my transcript.

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