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Where would we be without standardized testing? (Don't answer that.) I was wondering about that the other day when I saw all the angst being emitted from high schoolers on the College Confidential discussion forum. It boggled my mind when I notice that CC's SAT and ACT Tests & Test Preparation forum section had 1,267,328 posts comprising 122,474 topics (as of this moment). The unfortunate reality from reading through even a small portion of this vast archive is that many students (and even parents) believe that standardized test scores are some kind of badge of courage that establishes one's place in the intellectual-worthiness hierarchy in college admissions pools. While many colleges deny their emphasis standardized test scores, don't be fooled. They're an important component in the admissions game.

What about pros and cons? Well, the CC forum has some from-the-trenches opinions about that. One poster, way back in 2006, had this to say:

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