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Spring Break Sites: Rank(ed)

I never went on a wild and crazy spring break. Of course, back then, most of today's favorite spring break locations were just swamps, weed-filled fields, or too hot to occupy since the earth was still cooling after its formation. Yeah, that was a while ago. Anyway, it's that time of year again, when thousands and thousands of underworked and oversexed college kids head for America's (and other countries') beaches and bars.

If you've ever watched MTV's Spring Break, you can get a feel for the tone (sometimes known as "mob mentality") that these young collegiate people can generate. One fun exercise is to search the Web for "spring break." The "images for spring break" speak for themselves. (Note to parents: You may be better off not digging too deeply into the Web's massive archive of information about spring break. Perhaps the better attitude might be: "I don't wanna know.")

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