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Spring Break Options

It's that time of year again for both high schoolers and college students. Spring Break! I recently discussed early planning for spring break for those of you who are going to be heading to some of the classic and traditional spring break sites, such as beach communities (think Daytona Beach and Cancun, Mexico). Oh, speaking of Cancun, there's an interesting article about how Mexican marines will be strolling the Cancun streets this year to make sure that spring breakers don't self destruct. It will also be helpful to have military weaponry available to fend off any drug dealer gun battles. It's not 1958 anymore!

I started a thread about spring break in Cancun on the College Confidential discussion forum. It inspired a few interesting comments, such as, "I wouldn't let my kids anywhere near that [pejorative] hole." Another poster wrote, "Visiting colleges in MD, VA, and NC here," which provides a convenient segue into my topic of the day: visiting colleges on spring break.

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