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Must Sophomore SATs Be Retaken?

Question: I am a junior with PSAT scores high enough to put me in the running for a National Merit Scholarship. I took the SAT I as a sophomore and earned a 1550. If I don’t repeat the test, will colleges use these 10th grade scores? Can I qualify as a National Merit finalist without an SAT taken after sophomore year? In other words, must I retake the SAT I as a senior, or can I kick back and relax and watch my friends study like crazy for it?

You do not have to retake the SAT I if you are happy with your sophomore scores (and well you should be!). The National Merit folks can use those scores, as well, assuming you took that SAT I no earlier than October of your sophomore year. (Is that the case?) According to Katy Macherey, Director of Educational Services, if you do decide to retest anyway, NM will consider only your highest scores, even if they are the ones from 10th grade.

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