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Sophomore Course Choices for Ivy Aspirant

Question: I will soon finish my freshman year in one of the top high schools in New York City with a 97 average. The only AP class my school offers to sophomores is European History, which I am not very interested in. Instead I will be taking electives such as human disease, computer science, and technology, along with the main academic classes (science, math, etc.) during my sophomore year. I plan to take at least 2 AP's my junior year and 3 during my senior year (does this seem like too much?). Will colleges (especially Ivy League) recognize my academic motivation even if I don't start taking AP's/honors until my junior year?

The most selective colleges (and, this, of course, includes the Ivy League) are looking for students who have "challenged themselves academically." Trust me, you'll see that phrase 100 times or more before your last application is finished, even if you're never completely sure what it means.

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