Soph SAT Won't Hurt Yale Chances

Question: Hi, I’m currently a senior in high school who just submitted his application to Yale. When I was a sophomore, I was given the advice to take both the SAT1 and ACT as “trial runs” and then improve upon the test score of the exam that I like most. So I retook the ACT and managed to score a 33 composite. My subject test scores stand at a 760 (lit) and a 730 (chem). But with Yale’s no score choice policy, I also had to send in that sophomore year SAT 1 score in order to have the subject tests considered as well. So my question is: given that I have an ACT score that is much better than the SAT 1 score (which I only took once sophomore year), will the SAT1 score heavily impact my chances of admission or will the admission committee give greater credence to the ACT score? (Sorry for the length of this question haha; the issue was worrying me a little bit and I have seen others who are in similar positions worrying about this same thing)

The sophomore SAT score will not affect your admission decision. The Yale admission officials will use your better score (the ACT) and will realize that your SAT I score was from 10th grade.

Yale, as I’m sure you know, is a very tough nut to crack. So if you don’t get in, I assure you that it won’t be because the Yale admission folks saw that sophomore score.

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