Soliciting Rec Letters When Top-Choice Teachers Say No


I had been planning to go to community college, but I recently made a connection with a rep from a four-year school at a college fair and I've decided to apply there even though I know I'm late compared to most seniors. The school requires two recommendation letters. The two teachers I asked said they only do 15 per year and they've already done those, so they can't do mine. I don't know many other teachers very well. Can I ask my parents? A friend? A neighbor? They all know me well and can talk about my strengths and weaknesses.

Without seeing the actual application form, “The Dean" can't say for sure. But typically, colleges expect teacher recommendation letters. Some ask for one; others want two. Even if your college is different and the application doesn't specify “Teacher," you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not submitting any references from someone who taught you in your junior or senior year.

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