Social Life in Southern Schools Without Going Greek?


I have a question about Greek life. My daughter is looking at University of South Carolina, University of Georgia, Florida State and University of Florida. We've been told that sorority costs at these schools can be over $5,000 a year, in addition to the regular costs of these schools. This sounds obscene to me. First of all, is that true? And secondly, is it possible to have a social life at these big southern schools without going Greek?

The sky-high figures you're citing are not exaggerations, although the cost of membership will vary from sorority to sorority and from school to school. But before you die of sticker shock, keep in mind that the biggest numbers usually include room and board or at least a meal plan for non-residents. And often it's actually cheaper (or at least not more expensive) to live and eat in a sorority house than it is elsewhere on campus. Some sorority chapters (and the universities that host them) even have scholarship money available for young women who couldn't otherwise afford to join. But typically these funds are reserved for the most disadvantaged and aren't simply for folks who are freaked out by “obscene" figures!

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