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Social Isolation

I do a lot of driving. One of my endearing habits is studying the faces of those heading in the opposite direction and those beside and behind me at intersections. Over the past couple years or so, I've noticed what I consider to be a disturbing trend. You have probably seen this phrase in the news lately: distracted drivers. Have you ever been behind someone at a stoplight and the light turns green but the car ahead remains motionless? I'll give you three guesses what that driver is doing (and your first two guesses don't count). Yes! S/he's checking email or texting (or maybe even reading a book on Kindle!).

The point of my point here is not really about distracted drivers, although hardly a week goes by without some kind of news report about an odd traffic accident, where the car has mysteriously gone out of control and crashed. Sure, DUI can always be the culprit, or even "innocent" mechanical failures, but in my view, more and more of these crashes are caused by the distraction of drivers trying to stay in touch with friends via wireless communication while driving their cars.

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