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Smartphones on Campus

I get tons of news releases, no doubt inspired by this blog's connections across the Web. I had to chuckle at the news release (highlighted below) that I received yesterday. It addresses the issue of the increasing use of smartphones by college students. If you are a high school senior (or the parent of one), you probably already have a smartphone and are a virtuoso at using it.

The reason I chuckled is because I thought back to my college days, living in the dorms. Our dorm floor had a single pay phone on the wall, located midway between the extreme ends of the building. If someone wanted to reach us, they would have to call the pay phone (first, obtaining the phone number), then hope that someone would answer it (which sometimes didn't happen--just think of the poor guys who lived in rooms close to that phone), and hope that the answering party would be good enough to track down the person who was being called. Get the picture?

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