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"Smart" Colleges?

Those of you high school juniors (and maybe sophomores) who are in the hunt for possible college candidates are being bombarded by what I call "roundup lists." You'll see "Best" or "Most" (or this or that) listings for Party Schools, College Value, Best Food, Hottest Coeds and Guys, Most Jocks, Best Weather, Hardest Academics, etc. We tend to love lists, although we permit others to do our thinking for us, sometimes, when we believe that the food at one school is better than that at another, even without sampling the cuisine ourselves.

So, here's yet another entry in the roundup sweepstakes: The 20 Smartest Colleges In America. The article has received a rather broad distribution across the Web. I discovered it on Business Insider. The rationale for these rankings is intriguing, although there are some naysayers on the College Confidential discussion forum. That's the wonderful thing about well-moderated discussion forums. There is usually enough give and take to provide pause for thought, rather than just accepting an article's contention without weighing more than one side of an issue.

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