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Six College Extras You Shouldn't Purchase

Here's a little exercise for those of you who have graduated from college. Think back over your years on campus (or off campus, if you were a non-dorm student) and make a list of items on which you spent your hard-earned money that you never used or could have easily done without. My guess is that your list will be longer than you think.

I remember that my parents purchased a linen service for me when I was a freshman. I'm not sure how much they paid for it, but every Monday I would find a neatly wrapped paper package on the floor, just outside my dorm room door, that contained a freshly washed (and even slightly starched, I believe) pillow case and two sheets for my bed. Ha! Weekly sheet changing!

First of all, changing sheets ranks right up there with shoe shining, in my book. Who regularly needs to change his or her sheets every week? Okay, let's see a show of hands. Who here changes their bed sheets once a week? Huh? Come on! Let's see those hands. Oh, one person way in the back. Okay. Okay. It's my wife. Nevermind. You get the picture, though: Money wasted on a college NON-essential.

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