Preparing for College

Does Single-Choice EA Preclude Fall Regular-Decision Application?

Question: I plan to apply to Yale, my number-one college, via Single-Choice Early Action, but--in the meantime--I'd like to also apply to my safety school, which has Rolling Admission. Can I do that under the Yale Single-Choice EA rules? Is Early Action a wise move?

Yale does not put any restrictions on regular-decision applications, but by applying to Yale via Single-Choice Early Action, you must sign a statement saying that you are not applying to any other institutions using an Early Action or Early Decision option.

If Yale is your first choice, then you should certainly give it a shot via EA unless your junior year was weaker than your previous school terms. In that case, you might want to hold back and wait for regular decision. But if you had a strong junior year, then you have nothing to lose by applying Early Action, and if you are denied outright in December, it will give you time to reconsider all your choices and perhaps revise your target-college list. You can apply to your safety school concurrently, as long as it's not through EA or ED.

Good luck (and, at Yale, you'll probably need it!)