Down Side of Keeping 7th-Grade SAT Scores?

Question: I was trying to figure out how to post an “Ask the Dean" question, but I'm old and technologically disabled. 🙂Here is my dilemma on which I hope you will weigh in:

A middle school student takes the SAT as part of talent search, receiving a commendable score for a 7th grader, but not anywhere close to what would be hoped for as a highly competitive college applicant. However, the scores would be more than sufficient to qualify for entry into his/her high school's dual enrollment program in a year and a half.

Should the student request to retain the test scores to eliminate the need for a dual enrollment entrance exam? If so, will colleges and universities (even selective ones) recognize the test was administered in middle school and give it proper attention (or rather, lack thereof)? Or would it be more prudent to allow the scores to be deleted, as is standard, and simply take an exam again in a year to 2 years' time?

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