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Should Talented Daughter Return to Public School?

Question: My daughter was a top student at a highly competitive public school. However, she is now in private school, where she is the only sophomore taking Calculus AB (she is also only 14, having skipped a grade in elementary school). She is working hard in this class but only earning a high B. Because she is aiming for Ivy League universities, would we be wise to move her back to public school whereshe can improve her grades and class ranking? We would also be able to save money for her college education. We are just plain middle class parents blessed with an ambitious child. What do you think we should do?

Important decisions about a child's schooling should not be made by an Internet advisor any more than they should be made by The Psychic Friends Network. :- ) Nonetheless, I will offer some thoughts that you can put into the hopper when you discuss this at home and perhaps with the counseling staff at your daughter's school or at the public school she might attend.

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