Preparing for College

Should Soph With Good Score Retake SAT?

Question: My son has a remarkably good SAT score from the test that he took in his sophomore year. Does he need to take more SAT's and/or ACT's to show that he can get a perfect 2400 and/or 36 for colleges like Ivy League schools?

It’s hard to answer this one without knowing what “remarkably good” actually means. But I’m guessing that you’re taking about above 750 in all three areas. Correct? If so, and if he were MY son, I’d want him to save some time (and some dough,) so I’d tell him not to re-test.

Note, however, that your son still needs to take Subject Tests, which you haven’t mentioned. Most of the “elite” colleges require two of them. But, at the more hyper-selective places, your son’s “competition” will include many students who have shown off their strengths in a broad swath of subjects by submitting scores for more than the mandatory two. So even if your son does not take the SAT Reason Test or the ACT in his junior and senior year, he should take as many Subject Tests as he feels comfortable trying.

(posted June 9, 2012)