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Should Prospective Business Major Take Bio Subject Test?

Question: I'm planning on studying business. I took both SAT II's for Spanish and got an 800 on the two. I took Biology Honors and with some prep I feel pretty confident. Should I take the SAT II Biology test? Is it worth my time and money or do business schools don't really care about science standardized testing?

I can't answer this question in a vacuum. In other words, to respond responsibly, I'd need to know a lot more about you and where you're applying.

But, here’s what I CAN tell you: If your colleges require Subject Tests OR if they are highly competitive OR if you feel you will be a borderline applicant, then anything you can do to show off your strengths will be worthwhile ... even if this includes taking a test in a field unrelated to your prospective major. (And a college that requires TWO Subject Tests will not let you fill that requirement with two Spanish tests.)

Also, "The Dean' sees that your name is Spanish. Colleges might suspect that you speak Spanish at home and thus won't give great importance to your Spanish SAT results. (However, if you DON'T speak Spanish at home, this should be indicated on your application. In general, being Hispanic and bi-cultural is a plus in the admission process. So if you are, be sure to say so, even if it means that your Spanish test results won't carry a lot of weight.)

If you decide to take the bio Subject Test, you can wait until you see the score before sending it to your target colleges. Even though you would sacrifice your four "free" score reports, it might give you peace of mind to hold off until you've had a chance to check the results. (Some colleges on your list might require that you send scores for all tests you took. If so, you will be on your honor to do this. But most colleges will not need to see your bio results, if you decide not to send them.)

¡Buena suerte!

(posted 7/18/2012)