Should Parents Force ACT Retest When Big Merit Bucks are on the Line?


Question: My son is one point away from the qualifying ACT score to get a full scholarship at his number one school, but says he's "spent" and doesn't want to retake the ACT. He isn't even willing to try the SAT (they have a scholarship equivalent score for the SAT as well but he has never taken it). We are trying to encourage him to take one of the tests one more time. This is worth thousands of dollars to us in scholarship money. He says there isn't even time -- but the application isn't due until December, so there's still time, right? What do you advise?

Ah ... the joys of parenthood! As a parent myself, I empathize with you, but I can understand your son's stance, too. Unlike in my own high school era when most of us took our standardized tests only once or twice, for today's teenagers, test-taking can sometimes feel like another (albeit unwanted) extracurricular activity.

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