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Should My Teacher Mention Each College By Name in My Recommendations?

Question: My teacher is writing a recommendation letter for me. In the first paragraph of the letter, my teacher writes that "It's my great pleasure to recommend this student to your renowned school." Is it okay for him to just write "to your renowned school"? Or should he write the specific school I am going to apply to? I have asked many teachers and friends for advice, and they give different opinions. Some said that it is fine to just write "to your renowned school", suggesting that the selection committees of the universities know that students will apply to several schools. However, others said that it is more polite to write the specific name of the university. Please help me.

Because most students apply to multiple colleges, admission officials do not expect the teacher reference to be directed specifically at their school, and thus a generic beginning will not penalize you at all. What is most important is that YOU don't seem "generic." ;-) In other words, the teacher should not just use complimentary adjectives (“hard-working,” “considerate,” “honest,” “intelligent”); he should also provide anecdotes and examples that will make the letter come alive and that will illustrate the accolades.

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