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Should Junior with 2370 Retake SAT's?

Question: I am in 11th grade, and I just got back my January SAT scores. I got a 2370- 800 CR, 800 writing, and 770 in math. Math is usually my best subject so I know for a fact that I'm capable of getting a 800 in math if I retake. Should I retake? How much a difference do those 30 points make?

As my 8th-grade son would say, "Chill!" Your scores are great. The 30 points away from perfection won't make a lick of difference. In fact, if you were to retake the tests, it might send a message to admission folks that shouts, "Obsessive!"

So enjoy your fine results and your freedom from SAT insanity (at least until it's Subject Test time ;-)).

(posted 2/16/2011)