Should I Visit All 22 Colleges on My List Before Applying?


I have 22 schools on my list right now and I am hoping to apply to 15. I told my mother that I'll decide which schools to cut from the list based on our tours. She said touring 22 schools is not smart and we can tour after I get accepted to schools. But isn't it important for us to tour before I apply?

As a mother myself, “The Dean" takes great pleasure in saying, “Your mom is right!" Well, she may not always be right, but this time I'm on her side. Although a campus visit can indeed be a helpful way to evaluate your target colleges and to craft a careful list, seeing 22 colleges is not only too time-consuming and expensive for most students and parents -- but, above all, it will probably lead to a serious case of TMI -- Too Much Information, that is.

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