Should I Tell My Top-Choice College About a Likely "D" this Semester?


I have straight A's in high school and got an almost perfect SAT score -- I just applied ED to Duke. I am also applying to a few other high-level schools. When they get my transcript, it will only show my grades from the past three years, but right now I am getting a "D" in AP Chemistry and I don't know if it will come up much before December, which is when the grade is finalized. So my question is, do I need to tell Duke and the other schools that I'm getting a "D" this semester? Or do they generally only care about grades from the first three years of high school?

While the grapevine may claim that eleventh grade is the one that really “counts" at admission-decision time, the truth is that senior year — especially the first semester — is equally important. And sooner or later, college officials will see that dreaded “D" in AP Chem and they won't be happy about it. So how should you handle this?

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