Should Applicant Revisit When College Tour Was Off the Record?


Question: My son, who is in 11th grade, toured a college yesterday with a group of friends. This is his first choice and he really liked it. The problem is that he didn't sign in at the admissions office -- he just joined the tour, so the school has no idea he was even there. To show interest that would count toward admission, do we need to tour again?

Unfortunately, we live in an era where “Demonstrated Interest" can play a role in admission decisions ... whether the college folks concede that this is true or not and whether the process can seem at least a tad disingenuous to students and parents. Thus, applicants should bend over backward to show their love to target colleges in a way that it gets on admission offices' radar screens. Since the admission officials don't know that your son toured this campus, it might work against him at decision time as you've suggested. Even so, he doesn't need to take another tour -- but he should make contact with his regional rep to report the visit.

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