Do I Have a Shot at a Private College?

Question: Will I be able to get into a private college? I am just finishing 10th grade and I have a 3.24 gpa; I'm in Choir; I play the guitar; I do a lot of community service through my church; I tutor elementary school students. Thank you so much!

You seem to be under the impression that a private college is harder to get into than a public one. But the truth is that SOME private colleges are among the hardest in the world to get into (e.g., Harvard, Stanford, MIT …) while others are the EASIEST. I won't name names here, but there are plenty of private colleges that admit nearly everyone who applies. The majority of four-year public colleges have higher admission standards than these private schools, although the standards can vary greatly.

As a sophomore with a 3.24 GPA, you will probably have many options … both private and public … although the more selective colleges will expect a GPA that is higher than yours. (However, a range of factors such as the level of the classes you've taken, your family background, and other life experiences and challenges will also be considered before your final verdict is issued.)

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