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Shopping for College Professors


The first thing I do when I'm looking for something to buy is to read the comments that others have posted on the various sales sites I visit, such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. That also goes for when I'm going to either bid on or buy something from a place like eBay, where I look for a seller's rating comments. The same advantage exists for future or current college students, where they can find opinions about professors. Probably the most prominent of these sites is RateMyProfessors.

I've spent some time on RMP and have arrived at the same personal guidelines that I use on Amazon and other sites. I do a quick scan of the comments and then infer a trend. That is, I try to ignore the extremes of giddy happiness and bitter disappointment and get a general feel for Good, Bad or Average (which could be hit or miss). That way, I may be able to eliminate the cheerleader shills and those bent on revenge, for whatever reason.

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